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Veganes Designer Proteinpulver

Vegan multi-component protein powder for ideal muscle support


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Pea, Hemp & Sunflower Protein
Complete Amino Acid Profile
Maximum flavour


  • Muscle building
Plant protein power at it's best - experience full vegan protein power with our Vegan Designer Protein. The mix of pea, hemp and sunflower protein provides you with full flavour and incredible creaminess, valuable proteins and a complete amino acid profile.

Keep in mind: Protein supports you in both building and maintaining muscle, for example during diet phases, and helps you feel full for longer.1 We recommend that you consume 2g of protein per kg of body weight daily.

  • Mix of pea, hemp & sunflower protein
  • Up to 24 g protein⁴
  • No added sugar⁵
  • Support for muscle building & maintenance¹
  • For shakes, porridge & more


Pea Protein 72%, Hemp Seed Protein 10%, Flavoring, Sunflower Protein 5%, Blueberry Pieces 3%, Blueberry Powder 1.5%, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Salt, Sweeteners (Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides from Stevia).

May contain traces of blueberry seeds.

Origin ingredients: EU/Non-EU.


Designer Vegan Protein Key Facts

Vegan protein power

With up to 24 g of vegetable protein per serving 4 for ideal muscle support

Complete amino acid profile

Thanks to the high-quality combination of 3 protein sources: pea, hemp and sunflower protein

100% taste

Enjoy vegan protein shake without added sugar 5 with full-bodied taste and incomparably creamy consistency

Versatile enjoyment

Not only ideal as a shake, but also in pastries, porridge or our winning breakfast

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Plant-Power: High protein and a complete EAA profile

It is often claimed that it is not possible to build muscle with vegan products, i.e. without animal protein. But this assumption is long outdated, because studies have shown that it makes no difference to muscle building whether animal or plant proteins are consumed. 2,3 As long as the body has sufficient proteins - and above all a complete amino acid profile - it is not important where they come from. Rather problematic: Most vegan protein powders consist of a single protein source. However, plant protein sources do not provide a complete amino acid profile in isolation. The solution: For this reason, we have optimally combined pea, hemp and sunflower protein so that you do not need to worry about your protein supply.

The vegan protein powder is in no way inferior to its counterpart Designer Whey Protein in terms of protein content. So you can be sure: With 24 g of protein per serving 4, our Vegan Designer Protein provides you with sufficient protein and a complete amino acid profile to provide you with optimal support.

Good to know: A sufficient protein intake offers your body the optimal support to build muscle and maintain it during a diet phase. We recommend a daily intake of 1.5 g to 2 g of protein per kg of body weight.

Vegan protein with 100% taste

Have you ever tried vegan protein powder and been disappointed by the bland taste and sandy, floury consistency? Not with the Vegan Designer Protein: Our vegan multi-component protein powder impresses with an incomparable consistency and a delicious, full-bodied taste. We do not add any sugar and rely on sweeteners such as stevia. Our Vegan Designer Protein not only tastes good as a shake, but also in pastries, porridge or our winning breakfast. What are you waiting for? Bring vegan plant power into your diet.

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Our Vegan Designer Protein is a multi-component protein powder and consists of pea, hemp and sunflower protein.

Yes! Studies have shown that muscle building does not depend on whether the proteins are of animal or plant origin - especially as long as a complete amino acid profile is present.

One serving 4 of our Vegan Designer Protein provides you with 24 g of protein with a complete amino acid profile.

With the recommended serving size of 35 g, you can look forward to 26 delicious Vegan Designer Protein Shakes.

The product is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

1 Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.



4 One serving corresponds to 35 g of powder with 350 ml of water.

5 We do not use any added sugar in our Vegan Designer Whey, but instead rely on harmless sweeteners. In varieties such as Cinnamon Cereal, only the cereal pieces contain sugar.