Intra workout, intra support: Discover our intra-workout highlights and provide your body with optimal support during training – whether you’re lifting weights or running on the track.

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When it comes to training, we all agree: we want to improve our performance and get the best results from every training session.
For this we use special pre-workout boosters that give us the boost we need for training and post-workout supplements that optimally support our regeneration. But what about products that provide us with energy during training, i.e. intra-workout?! Let's take a closer look at what exactly this means, what it does for you and which products we have for you.

What are intra-workout supplements and what benefits do they bring me?

For many athletes, nutritional supplements are essential before and after training, but nutritional supplements can also be useful during training, i.e. intra-workout: They can support you, for example, by providing you with energy, supporting hydration or nourishing the muscles. These products usually contain carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes and sometimes caffeine.
Let’s summarize: Intra-workout supplements are nutritional supplements that you take during your workout.

Our intra-workout products

Do you want to optimally support your body during training and optimize your performance? Then discover our ESN intra-workout products:


This is our fruity clear Clear Whey Protein drink that provides you with up to 25 g of protein during training, helping to build and maintain your muscles.[¹],[²] At the same time, you can enjoy refreshingly delicious taste without any sugar, fat or lactose.[³] You can choose between whey protein isolate, the vegan version with hydrolyzed pea protein and the ready-to-drink shake.


EAA is the abbreviation for Essential Amino Acids. Our EAA powder provides you with eight essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself. These amino acids are quickly absorbed and are immediately available to your body. The coordinated formula of our EAAs therefore optimally supports muscle protein synthesis and also has an effect on muscle strength.[⁴]


Our Electrolyte powder improves water absorption and thus actively contributes to maintaining your endurance performance during sweaty, endurance-demanding, longer training sessions or competitions.[⁵]

Did you know that sweaty training not only causes us to lose fluids, but also electrolytes, which are essential for muscle function?! The result: our performance is significantly weaker. You can counteract this with our Electrolytes: With the Original Designer Electrolytes® Matrix, a special carbohydrate-electrolyte matrix, water absorption is improved, the electrolyte balance is brought into balance and this actively contributes to keeping your endurance performance at a consistently high level - and all with just one drink.[⁵]

Cyclic dextrin

This is our high-quality energy source made from highly branched, cyclic dextrin: It provides you with immediately available, long-lasting carbohydrate power and optimally supports your performance. Ideal for maximum performance during training.


[1] Per serving. One serving corresponds to 30 g of powder and 500 ml of water.

[2] Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.

[3] Lactose content < 0.1 g / 100 ml. Sugar-free because <0.5 g sugar in the drink prepared according to consumption recommendation.


[5] Electrolytes is a special carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that improves the absorption of water during physical activity, such as strenuous training or competitions. Electrolytes therefore actively contributes to ensuring that your endurance performance remains constant during endurance-demanding, longer training or competitions.