Post workout

Do you want to provide your body with the optimal nutrients after training and optimize your regeneration? Protein powder, valuable carb sources, electrolytes and more - discover our post-workout supplements and find your ideal support after exercise.

Post-workout – recharge right and push harder tomorrow

Your post-workout routine is just as important as the workout itself. During intense workouts, you challenge your body, push yourself to the limit, and after training, your body and especially your muscles need the right nutrients to refuel, recover, grow, and come back stronger - that's how progress happens. And that's where post-workout supplements come into play!

Why are post-workout supplements so important?

Proteins, carbs, electrolytes and more – post-workout supplements offer targeted support to optimally support your body after training and promote regeneration. Let's take a closer look at why this is so important and how our products can support you.

Our post-workout supplements – refuel and recover right

Post-workout support for your muscles

Protein power

After training, your muscles are stressed and need valuable proteins, as these help to build and maintain your muscles.1

As a post-workout shake Protein shakes are therefore ideal for you, because they provide you with valuable proteins and are also delicious - at least with us. If you fancy refreshingly clear protein shakes after training, then try our Clear Whey Isoclear – a protein drink that tastes like juice, lemonade or iced tea, depending on the variety – and without sugar, fat or lactose.2 Do you prefer creamy protein shakes? Then our Designer Whey Protein perfect for you: high-quality whey protein complex, creamy consistency and full-bodied taste – with no added sugar.3

Not for nothing is it named Germany's most popular whey protein. 4

Amino Support

Another ideal post-workout support for your muscles are amino acids, because they are the building blocks of your muscles and essential for protein synthesis and the repair of muscle damage in the regeneration phase. Our EAA powder provides you with eight essential amino acids that your body cannot produce itself. These amino acids are quickly absorbed by your body and are immediately available - the ideal support after your intensive training.

Post-workout support for your energy levels

Valuable carbs

After intensive training, your glycogen stores are depleted and you have used up energy, which can lead to tiredness and exhaustion. For optimal regeneration, you should therefore consume valuable carbohydrates after training in order to
to replenish your glycogen stores in your muscles and recharge your energy.

From ricepudding, Maize Pudding and Instant Oats to the delicious Oat bars or pure, cyclical Dextrin – with us you will find the perfect post-workout products with valuable carbs to refuel.

Post-workout support for your electrolyte balance

Essential minerals

By sweating during exercise, you not only lose water, but also important electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and chloride, which are essential for your water absorption and muscle function. And here comes our Electrolyte powder into play: With the original designer Electrolytes® Matrix, a special carbohydrate-electrolyte matrix, improves your water intake and balances your electrolyte levels after training – all with a refreshing drink.5

Post-workout support for cartilage, bone and skin

Collagen peptides

Collagen is an important structural protein that plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of cartilage, bones and skin. Our Collagen powder can help support the normal function of these bones and tissues and thus prevent injuries. In our Collagen Peptides we have combined the bioactive, patented collagen peptides TENDOFORTE®, FORTIGEL® & VERISOL® with vitamin C, zinc and copper as co-factors. The ideal support to effectively to support your normal cartilage, bone and skin function.67

Post-Workout Support – All-in-One

Proteins, Carbs, Aminos & more

To fully recharge, we offer you the ideal all-in-one support for your post-workout routine: Recharge. This refreshing all-in-one post-workout shake combines valuable proteins, a carbohydrate matrix, a selected amino complex and 26 vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The perfect support drink to optimally supply your body with everything after training provide what he needs – all-in-on

1 Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.

2 Sugar-free as < 0.5 g in the recommended consumption of the prepared drink. Lactose content < 0.1 g/100 ml.

3 We do not use any added sugar in our Designer Whey, but instead rely on harmless sweeteners. However, in varieties such as Cinnamon Cereal and Stracciatella, the cereal pieces contain sugar.

4 The most popular whey protein powder in Germany? ESN Designer Whey. Not only do we say that, but it is also the result of a
Online survey that we conducted in cooperation with Statista Q. 501 people between the ages of 20 and 40 were surveyed who used protein powder,
-bars, and shakes. The whey protein powders from Foodspring, MyProtein, Bodylab, Optimum Nutrition, Ironmaxx, WEIDER, nu3, HEJ and ESN were tested.

5 Electrolytes is a special
Carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that improves the absorption of water during physical activity, such as strenuous training or competitions. Electrolytes therefore actively contribute to ensuring that your endurance performance remains constant during endurance-demanding, longer training or competitions.

6 Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, nails and skin.

7 Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue and to normal hair pigmentation.