Protein Shakers

Are you looking for the perfect protein shaker for training and everyday life? Then get one with the ESN logo for your protein shakes and boosters. Whether for the office, gym or university - find your favorite shaker that you can always take with you everywhere to ideally cover your protein needs on the go. Drink your shakes with quality and style.

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Protein shaker for creamy and clear shakes

We certainly don’t need to explain in detail what you need a protein shaker for: Fill it with liquid, Protein powder on it, shake, done. Whether you are looking for a shaker for your creamy Whey Protein or for clear protein shakes for your training or the ideal shaker for your everyday life - quality and functionality are a must. Why? It's simple: your shaker is there so that you can easily supply yourself with valuable proteins no matter where and when and in the best case scenario it will accompany you for a long time. So that you really get something out of it for a long time and are satisfied, get a shaker that fits your needs exactly.

Types of protein shakers

Not all shakers are the same! Materials, capacity, type of closure, etc. - you have various options with different pros and cons. It all depends on what is important to you and what your routine is like: Is leak-proofing or convenience more important to you when drinking? Do you only drink one portion of your favorite shake or always two for double the protein support? Let's challenge the most popular variants and see what suits you. Let's go.

Materials of fitness shakers – the top 2

Protein shakers come in a variety of materials, and choosing the right one depends on your personal preferences and needs. Here are the two most popular materials.

Plastic protein shaker

This is the most commonly used material for protein shakers. Plastic shakers are lightweight, durable and usually cheaper. Good to know: Make sure that the plastic used is BPA-free to minimize potential health risks.

Protein shaker made of stainless steel

Stainless steel shakers are robust, durable and free from BPA or other potentially harmful chemicals. However, they are usually more expensive - make sure you get good value for money.

Capacity of protein shakers – what makes sense?

Protein shakers come in different sizes - from 400 ml to 1000 ml. In most cases they are equipped with a practical measuring scale and they really should be - without it it will be difficult to measure the required amount of liquid. So: make sure that your shaker has an integrated measuring scale.

What capacity is best for protein shakers? That depends on your routines and needs. You only drink one portion of your Protein Shakes at once? Then a shaker with a capacity of 500 ml should be enough to be equipped for creamy and clear protein drinks and boosters. The practical thing about smaller shakers is of course that they also save space, but they are also less flexible if you want to drink several portions at once - e.g. if you are currently working intensively on building muscle and have a higher protein requirement or if you drink your protein shake or booster with more liquid than our consumption recommendation. In these cases, a larger shaker makes sense. Our tip: A shaker with a capacity of 600-700 ml is a good size for a gym bag, university bag, etc. and you have more flexibility with the portion size.

Most popular closure types for protein shakers

The cap of a protein shaker is crucial for the usability and functionality of your shaker. Let's look at the favorite cap types and check which one best suits your needs:

Buying a shaker with a screw cap – pros and cons

The screw cap is one of the most common and popular options for protein shakers. Why? It is reliable and ensures a secure seal so that your drink cannot leak - important if you transport your shaker in a sports bag, university bag, etc. The disadvantage here is that you always have to unscrew the lid first if you want to drink something - for some this can be inconvenient when training or in the car.

Buying a shaker with a hinged lid – pros and cons

Shakers with hinged lids are practical and convenient because you can easily open and close them with one hand. This is ideal if you are on the go or training in the gym and don't have the time or inclination to unscrew the lid. The downside here is that a protein shaker with a hinged lid can leak more easily in your bag. So make sure you buy a shaker that has a high-quality hinged lid - quality is key.

You want to buy the perfect shaker? – our 4 tips

Material and quality: Look for high-quality materials that are durable and BPA-free.

Tightness: Look for high-quality closures and opt for a leak-proof closure if you plan to carry your shake in a bag.

Capacity: Choose the size of the shaker according to your routines and needs. Since many protein powders and boosters are to be prepared with 500 ml of liquid, a shaker with at least 500 ml makes sense. For maximum flexibility, choose a shaker with a larger capacity - 600-700 ml is a good middle ground.

Mix helper: Make sure that the shaker has an effective mixing aid such as a sieve to avoid lumps and to distribute your protein powder evenly. Also important: Your shaker should have a measuring scale so that you can measure the liquid precisely.